Influencers are the referral engine you need to achieve your goals of building an engaged app community. Recognizing, approaching, and involving influencers in promoting your app is the fastest, most cost-effective way to build an engaged community. There are four main types of event influencers. We’ll walk through how to approach and engage each type. As a bonus, we’ve included some examples of real emails we’ve sent to influencers in the Email Outreach Examples at the end of this post.

The supporters

These are the people willing to help in anyway they can to make your event a success. They care about experience, your relationship, and feeling like a valued member of the team. Supporters are motivated by sharing in the glory of success.

Where to find them – Start at home with your own connections. These are people who will support you in growing your community simply because you’re working together, are good friends, or have a close connection to your event. Beyond your close network of staff, look to the others who are helping make your event a success. Volunteers, suppliers, production assistants, and outside staff all have valuable connections they can leverage to share your app download links with. Supporters are also a vital source for creating quality content to welcome new members to your community. By getting them involved in the process, they can help to spark the content sharing, encouraging attendees to share their experiences as well.

Tips for approaching – Be genuine and take a personal approach when doing outreach. Take the time to describe how your event app is bringing value to your events and impacting the success of your organization. Describe their role in the process and how you look to them to influence the success of the initiative.

The socialites

Also referred to as social butterflies, these are the centres of influence who will be attending your event. They’ve worked hard to build a large personal network, offline, online, or both. They’re willing to support initiatives that align with their personal mission and will be well-received by their following.

Where to find them – The first place to look for socialites, is within your event schedule. Speakers, artists, performers, exhibitors, promoters, and producers are all great places to look for event influencers. They’re doing great things and have amassed a following because of it.

When you include centres of influence in the promotion process, it can help add credibility to your event app community and encourage other attendees to take action. It often takes multiple voices to influence an attendee to take action and join your community, and socialites represent one of the largest authorities for helping influence someone’s decision to get involved. Feel confident when getting socialites involved, they often enjoy the satisfaction of having their status be recognized while helping make your events a great success!

Tips for approaching – Respect their time and simplify what you need from them. Make one specific call to action and be direct about how you’ve selected them to be an “App Influencer.” Ask them to distribute your event’s unique download link, or post content to your event page. Take a highly personalized approach and give an example of how your event app relates to their specific situation. If your budget allows, a small incentive or personalized thank-you can go a long way for getting socialites in your corner when it comes to building your app community.

The content creators

Simply put, they make awesome content. Content creators are often in paid positions, but not always. They are motivated by gaining exposure and being recognized as a source of inspiration.

Where to find them – You’re probably already working with, or have plans to hire them soon. Photographers, videographers, and writers are all looking for new ways to share their content. By connecting them to your event app, you can spark the content sharing amongst the attendees to create a sense of connection and community within your event. Attendees have come to expect a high level of quality content and by involving the content creators at your events, you can ensure your events remain reputable amongst your audience.

Tips for approaching – Start the conversation by commending them on past works. Explain how your event app can give their content a new level of exposure amongst the app community that other social media sites can’t. Encourage them to share as much of their original content in your app content feeds as possible. The communal nature of event apps makes them a safe space for content creators to share their work without overloading their own followers with irrelevant event content.

Email Outreach Examples

Supporters Email

Content Creators Email

Socialites Email

Attendees Email


Getting influencers involved is the fastest way to grow your event app community. Plan your outreach early and give your influencers a chance to learn the platform. Finally, make sure to thank them for all of their involvement. Set aside some special treatment or rewards.

Have questions about this guide or looking for ways you can leverage influencers? Drop us a line, we’re here to help!