Incentives come in many different forms that all equate to more engagement and more app downloads. It’s all about thinking what tools you can leverage for incentivizing your community to take action and download the app. This post walks through some of the different types of incentives we’ve tried, in hopes of providing some inspiration for your own incentivization plan.

Using Contests to Drive Engagement

Contests can turn hesitant app downloaders into engaged community members. Bringing out the competitive side in people can produce amazing results when it comes to engagement. This post was written for event apps that have a private social network component, but the underlying framework can easily be applied to your mainstream social networks as well. That being said, if you haven’t invested in an event app yet, make sure you look for one that support running contests with features like: photo & video sharing, a reactive content-voting system, and the ability to invite friends onto the platform. These features give you great options for running contests to boost engagement while you collect quality content from your audience.

1. Vote or Comment to Win

“Vote to Win,” “Comment to Win,” and “Vote and Comment to Win,” are all very simple contests to run that can be announced with a simple post in one of your event feeds, or with a message engagement. All you need to do is choose the prize, set the rules, and post your content with the ask for the attendees.

2. Photo Caption

This is a fun way to illicit participation around a piece of content you might want to leverage on your website or in future event promotions. You can use your app to collect the communities ideas for captioning a photo in your event feed, and reward the winner you choose with a prize.

3. Q & A

A super easy contest to run in an event feed, is a Q&A contest. You can ask the community a skill testing question or maybe something that gets them to explore the venue for the answer. This can help build awareness of your brand or something awesome happening onsite. Simply collect all the right responses and pick your winner at random.

4. Scavenger Hunt

Get creative with coupon engagements to run Amazing Race style scavenger hunts. The coupon details work great as instructions to push attendees to explore the venue. Simply reveal the individual redemption codes at each station and pick the first team/individual who comes back with no coupons.

5. Post to Win

By getting attendees to share their personal content, they are naturally investing in your community. Tie into an attendees want to be recognized by pushing them to share their memories, perspectives, funny videos, or ideas in your event feeds for a chance to win. These can take the form of photos, videos, and sentiments with the only limit being your creativity. Choose the winner yourself or use the built-in voting system on Festfeed to let the community decide the winner.

Contests are fun for your attendees and equate into a ton of engagement. A targeted push notification is a perfect way to announce new contests and the winners of past ones. Attendees love the accountability of knowing who the winners are, while contest winners always appreciate the recognition. Have fun with contests and get creative with different ways to use the tools at your disposal to do something above and beyond the expectations of the attendees.

Leveraging Rewards to Drive App Downloads

Rewards and offers have proven to be the most powerful engagement tool community managers have in mobile apps. According to Juniper Research, customers are 10x more likely to redeem mobile offers over printed ones. Here at Festfeed we’ve seen clients hit redemption rates as high as 80% with compelling digital offers. If you’re not entirely convinced, consider the fact that over nine in ten (94%) of mobile wallet users are likely to save personalized mobile wallet offers and coupons… The beauty is that when it comes to rewards, the only restrictions are your imagination (and maybe your budget). Below we’ve highlighted some of the different types of rewards for you to consider.

Complimentary rewards – premiums, freebies, sponsor items, and giveaways all make for awesome rewards. It’s no doubt that 84 percent of mobile users say they prefer mobile rewards vs ads. Complimentary rewards that you might have planned on giving away for free anyway, or that were provided to you by a sponsor, are perfect for driving people to download your app.

Referrals – offers triggered when members of your community support you in growing the audience. Lean on your early ticket purchasers, or app downloaders to refer other attendees to the community, then reward them for their efforts. Exclusive discounts and coupons go a long way when influencing people’s willingness to share your event apps download link with their network.

Promotional rewards – used for promoting future events to your attendees. You can send coupon codes or digital offers to the attendees of one event, to incentivize them to attend your next event. This is a powerful way to recognize and thank someone for supporting your event, while also incentivizing them to continue their involvement within your community.

Attendees demand more ways to engage than ever before and rewards represent one of their biggest desires. Investing in a mobile platform with a coupon engagement system is the most effective way to send rewards to your audience. Focus on uncovering the ROI of your product giveaways and paint a clearer picture of who you’re connecting with through analytics. Harness information like average age, gender breakdown, open rates, and redemption rates among your audience to build stronger sponsorship packages for future events.

Creating a Sense of FOMO

Exclusive information, updates, and benefits can create the all-consuming FOMO (fear of missing out) that can influence attendees to join your community. To put it in perspective, reports from have found that 56 per cent of people are afraid of missing out on events, news and important updates.

Use this to your advantage. Leverage your event app as an exclusive information channel for new events, schedule item announcements, or secret location updates. Try giving your app users exclusive benefits, like skipping the line, contests that run through the app, early door entry, or priority seating. Each event is unique, so put yourself in the shoes of your attendees and think about the insider info you’d like to know, or pain points you could alleviate. The more exclusive benefits you can reserve for your app community members, the more successful you’ll be in creating the FOMO necessary to motivate people to take action and get involved!

Recognize & Involve Your Attendees

Another way to incentivize your audience to download your event app, is by creating a sense of involvement for those who download. If your app has a social component, let the users decide on up-coming changes, new schedule items, or even the venue for a schedule item or future event. The more of a voice you can give your app users, the more engagement and involvement you will see.

By recognizing the people who are contributing to the conversation either in the app, or on another marketing channel, you can create feelings of desire for people who haven’t downloaded your app to be recognized as well. Involvement and recognition are powerful ways to engage your app users, while also mobilizing new people to join as well.


Incentivization plays a huge part in building and growing your app user base. Each event is unique and every audience is going to respond better to certain incentives over others. When you put yourself in the shoes of your attendees you can uncover their biggest pain points and design a creative incentive plan to mitigate them. Well-thought out incentive plans provide huge value to attendees, exceeding their expectations equating to a more engaged community.

Have questions about this guide or looking for ways you can harness incentives to mobilize your app community? Drop us a line, we’d love to help!