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Why spend money on an app that doesn’t make you more money? Thats the question we asked ourselves. Welcome to the future of a multi-event platform. One app that hosts all of your events and increases your revenue.

Collect attendee data
Every person who downloads your branded Festfeed app becomes a unique user in your network. Incentivize them with rewards, promote your future events, or have them share events for you.
Keep it secure
We maintain the highest levels of enterprise-grade security with Microsoft’s Azure and every app we build features a custom 256-bit enforced encryption system.
Export and send wherever
Export your data into  a clean CSV. file at anytime. Powerful for use in your other marketing tools, or as a valuable sponsorship asset.

Simple to manage

Building mobile apps is hard, using them should not be. You can update almost every aspect of your app on a phone, or favorite web browser on your computer.

Centralize all your event info. Input important event information, sell tickets, build robust schedules, create detailed venue maps, and so much more…
Communicate with your attendees better. Push notifications and mobile rewards expand your sponsorship revenue and communication potential for every event.
Make it easy for attendees to download your app. Every event in your app has a unique URL to bring attendees through a custom signup process regardless if they’re on web or mobile.
Invest in the latest tech, that updates automatically.  Apps that are native to iOS and Android with automatic updates and feature upgrades!
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Make every event better for your attendees. With one app.

Other apps just package up the event website. Festfeed apps give your audience an app that’s worth checking. An app that was designed with community in mind. Connecting and sharing surpasses attendees expectations and engages guests.

Facilitate virtual connections.
As a social-first platform, we put an emphasis on photo and video sharing within each event community. Every event in your app functions like a private social network where attendees can interact and engage with one another. LinkedIn and Instagram integrations bring attendee networking to a whole new level.
Open new communication channels.
Create a space for conversations at every event. App users can message each other individually or create groups to chat in their own private channel. Awesome for the attendees, great for internal communication.
Help attendees find their friends!
Getting lost becomes a thing of the past when using your app. Every event features a space for attendees to begin sharing their location with the people they select for a set interval of time.
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“Over 50% of event organizers find it hard to attract the sponsorship revenue they need.”
- Event Manager Blog

Sponsors are more demanding than ever. How are you developing packages that attract and earn more sponsorship dollars?
Realtime Analytics & Report
Wow sponsors with onsite feedback. Every push notification and coupon you send is complete with realtime analytics about how many people received, opened, and converted on the message.
Digital Coupons
Expand the scope of your sponsorship packages with a new type of proven offering. Digital coupons and rewards boost sponsor’s brands favourability, affinity, and purchase intent.
Push Notifications
Put sponsor messages and thank-you’s in the pocket of your event guests. Push Notifications form a direct communication channel between your sponsors and your audience.
User Account CSV Exports
Give sponsors what they came for, a connection to your audience. Easily export the name, email, and demographic details of your attendees in a CSV. format for uploading into a CRM or marketing tool.

One Investment
Every Event

Features to suit every type of event. Explore our growing feature set, or work with us to build something custom. Surpass attendee expectations with the latest tech.

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